JoAnn Walker is the ideal candidate to bring criminal justice reform to Alameda County



JoAnn Walker is the ideal candidate to bring criminal justice reform to Alameda County

"We need to address the long-standing issues within the Alameda County Sheriff Office. Whether it is the public health and safety issues in our County jail or the problematic partnership with ICE or even its embarrassing backlog of untested rape kits, it is going to take a leader with tenacity, the will to do better and integrity."

JoAnn Walker is the ideal candidate to bring criminal justice reform to Alameda County. JoAnn is a 25-year veteran police officer, an educator and an award-winning volunteer Suicide Prevention Crisis Counselor. She graduated from California State University, East Bay (CSUEB) with a B.A. in French, a B.S. in Nutrition and Performance and a Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology. She has taught Kinesiology and Physical Education at CSUEB since 1993. In 1990, JoAnn received the President’s Service Award from CSUEB. JoAnn is a POST (Police Officers Standard of Training) Master Certified Instructor (with a focus on police response to emotionally disturbed individuals) and taught at the police academy for seven years.


In October 2016, JoAnn received the U.S. Attorney General’s Award for Distinguished Service in Community Policing for field operations. The award recognizes local police officers and deputies for exceptional efforts in community policing. She was one of only 11 officers recognized nationally for exceptional service by the Department of Justice that year. JoAnn was lauded for having volunteered for extensive training on hostage negotiation, crisis counseling, and suicide prevention, dedicating her own time and resources to advance her expertise and educate her colleagues in crisis support service.

JoAnn’s law enforcement career with the San Francisco Police Department includes working as a Terrorism Liaison Officer, Community Relations Unit Liaison, Station Keeper, Field Training Officer and Peer Support Counselor. She provides services daily to San Francisco’s unhoused population. In addition to her degrees, she earned a POST Certificate in Domestic Violence Investigations. JoAnn has developed and conducted trainings for officers in Hate Crimes, Tactical Communications and Crisis Support/Suicide Prevention. She has received Certificates of Appreciation from past and present elected officials in San Francisco, including the Hon. Nancy Pelosi, former Mayor Ed Lee, former Senator Mark Leno and former Supervisor David Chiu.

JoAnn's Path to Victory

JoAnn Walker is the right candidate. A seasoned and dedicated public servant, JoAnn is a tenacious advocate for compassionate justice. Her long experience with crisis support and suicide prevention gives her a unique perspective on what it takes to transform law enforcement from the inside.

Alameda County needs a progressive leader. Alameda County is ready for a progressive candidate dedicated to bringing public servants and stakeholders into a cohesive unit for positive change. Alameda County is home to many progressive grass-roots organizations and ground-zero for resistance to the Trump-Sessions agenda to expand mass incarceration. The District is known for its progressive policies and leaders, including Congresswoman Barbara Lee and Congressman Ro Khanna.

JoAnn is building a county-wide network of support. Progressive and grassroots organizers are excited about JoAnn’s candidacy. People in local positions of power have a huge impact on the safety and well-being of our community, and the difference can either save or cost lives. Alameda County is done with dangerous jails and excited about positive change for the community.

JoAnn Walker


25-year veteran San Francisco police officer who works with:

  • Healthy Streets Operations Center (HSOC)
  • Terrorism Liaison Program (TLO)
  • BSU/Peer Support
  • Crisis Intervention Team (CIT)
  • (Former) Field Training Officer (FTO)

POST Master Instructor (Certified)

  • Focus: police response to emotionally disturbed individuals
  • Police academy teacher - 7 years


  • Suicide Prevention Crisis Counselor; Alameda County
  • Trainer - Suicide prevention
  • Trainer - Crisis counseling
  • Trainer - Law and Your Community (w/National Organization of Black Law Enforcement)
  • Trainer - Hate Crimes

2016 – United States Attorney General’s Award - Distinguished Service in Community Policing

2012 – Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigation, graduate

  • Specialty: Domestic Violence

California State University, East Bay (CSUEB) graduate

  • B.A. - French
  • B.S. - Nutrition and Performance
  • Master’s degree - Exercise Physiology
  • 1990 - President’s Service Award
  • 1993 - Kinesiology and Physical Education teacher to present

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