ACCOUNTABILITY with Robust Oversight and Transparency

According to the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), one of the top reforms that defines 21st century policing is building trust and legitimacy by creating policy and oversight. It is critical that the ACSO be at the vanguard of this change. The ACSO has also been failing its fiscal transparency – so much so that California lawmakers have called for an intensive audit to root out the budget mismanagement. It is of the utmost importance to open the books and realign the budget. I will work to:

  • Create independent oversight of internal investigations
  • Firewall official determination of death from Sheriff in police related deaths.
  • Provide a more independent and transparent audit and analysis of the budget every year
  • Address the high number of in-custody deaths in our County jail
  • Break the backlog of 1,200+ untested rape kits
  • Address the conditions of incarceration for women prisoners

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