COMMUNITY Partnerships and Trust Building 

The community distrust of law enforcement is nothing new to many communities in the United States – especially in communities of color. There is no more hiding the truth. We must work within our public safety department and with our community partners to revamp the system and build trust again for the good work that law enforcement provides. We need community collaboration with the ACSO and its bureaus to make sure their communities are treated fairly in the criminal justice system. 

Over the last four years – the Alameda County Sheriff department worked directly with ICE in the deportation of 540 people in the county. How are we going to collaborate in good faith with immigrant communities if they fear that cooperation could lead to deportation? 

Many of the steps in the work of reform and accountability will help move us forward. But I will work also to:

  • Participate in problem-solving efforts to reduce crime and improve quality of life
  • Increase transparency of data, policies, and procedures  
  • Utilize crime-reduction strategies that don’t over police communities of color.
  • Invest in Mental Health/Social Work workforce and resources
  • Invest in Community Policing and Community-based Alternatives
  • Build-up Trust in Immigrant Populations (Ending any relationship with ICE) 
  • Include Community organizations in police oversight strategy discussions

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