REFORM the Culture and Rebuild the Structure

Changing the culture of law enforcement is a monumental task – and one that even from the top down will be difficult. But reforming the operational systems in ACSO will have a major impact on policing outcomes. It is abundantly clear that our policing workforce needs more training. Given my years of work in Police Officer Standards and Training (POST) and Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) I know the benefits of continuing education and training to curb disparities in policing. I will work to:

  • De-militarize our approach to policing and eviction enforcement
  • End cooperation with ICE
  • Invest in robust de-escalation training
  • Review and update policies, training, and data collection on use of force
  • Increase mandatory annual in-service training on mental and emotional health
  • Establish effective hiring practices to eliminate candidates with prejudicial beliefs
  • Ensure officers have access to the tools they need to keep them safe

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